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It all started with an idea

Meet the owner - Amanda!

Bombshell Bridal started with the belief that EVERY bride deserves to be celebrated!

Hello beautiful! I’m Amanda. I’m the owner of Bombshell Bridal, an expert moment maker, and lover of all things celebratory! The thing I love most about owning a bridal shop, is the way I get to help create beautiful moments and memories for the bride and her loved ones. You are going to tell the story of how you found your gown for years to come, and I’m here to ensure that your story is a beautiful one.

My desire to create a bridal shop focused on having a beautiful experience, stems from my own disappointing shopping experience. I was not treated kindly as a plus size bride. I could try on very little, and I left each appointment feeling more and more defeated. And I’ll say it louder for the people in the back, NO BRIDE SHOULD EVER HAVE TO SETTLE FOR A WEDDING GOWN! I knew that with my love for cherishing memorable moments, I could create a place where EVERY bride would be celebrated, and where no bride would have to leave feeling discouraged.​

Over the past ten years, we’ve created beautiful memories with thousands of brides, from all 50 states and all over the world. We’ve developed great partnerships with some of the world’s leading bridal designers, and we’ve helped to change the way that the bridal industry views plus size brides. We started as a tiny shop dedicated to giving plus size brides the best bridal experience ever, and we’ve grown into a place that welcomes brides of every shape, size, color, orientation, and variety. We’re here to celebrate YOU and your love. Thank you for letting us be a part of your story.


Timeline of bows 🎀

January 2011

December 2013

Present Day

A small shop in St. Clair Shores opens it doors for the very first time on January 16th 2011! We had two fitting rooms and instantly outgrew our small retail space! After helping hundreds of brides and having to turn some away,  we knew it was time to expand!

We moved to another building that was twice the size of our old space! We now had 6 fitting rooms and were able to help thousands more brides! 

Fast forward to today and we are still number one in the business! We strive to make each and every bride feel like a goddess on her wedding day. 

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